How can stackers be used?!
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Stackers are mainly used for temporary storage or product staging. The work well for lower throughput applications or lower duty cycles. You will need them when you need to stack pallets or unit loads for just about 16 feet.

The most common places you will use stackers include automotive part stores, manufacturing production lines, and retail stock rooms. In manufacturing, they are used to move finished goods or work-in-progress near the end of the production line. As such stackers work well over short distances of about 100 feet, low speeds, moderate duty cycles, and with low product volumes.

With the stackers, the operator walks behind and never rides on them. You will find a variety of stackers which can also be customized to your needs.

It is not usual for stackers to be used to store loads at heights of more than 16 feet. You may also not use stackers where you have a high throughput and where you require a lift truck or hand pallet truck to store and retrieve goods in a warehouse.

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